About Us

Why We Are Here

At Hollithron Advocates, we know that to be American is not to belong to any specific race, nationality, religion, or gender. Since the days when this country was a collection of British colonies, being American has meant, at its best, a dedication to building a country where all are free to make something of themselves and believe as they wish. The United States has a long, proud tradition of accepting those whose home countries would not allow them to follow their consciences or oppressed them for belonging to minority groups. And in recent decades, when the government imposed much stricter limits on the entry of noncitizens, the law still prioritized family unity.

But the fact is that our immigration laws are some of the most complex in the US legal system. Many people on both sides of the immigration debate do not actually have a clear idea of what they do and do not allow.

Hollithron Advocates is here because we recognize what is at stake for those who have to deal with the immigration laws. For some, it's about being able to live freely with their families. For others, it is a matter of life and death.

We exist to provide high quality representation. That means that we don’t take shortcuts. We don’t look for quick fixes that may seem attractive in the short term but actually lead to even bigger problems further down the road. We do not believe that, just because noncitizens are an “underserved population,” any representation is better than none. To the contrary, we know that anything less than an attorney’s best work can cause devastating consequences in the lives of noncitizens and their families.

To defend our clients' rights and secure their protection under the immigration laws, we take the necessary time to thoroughly evaluate each case on its own. For each case, we will discuss what your goals are, and if there is a way to gain them under currently existing law, we will commit to giving nothing but our best.

Mission statement

To provide all our clients the high quality individualized legal representation they deserve through a small but dedicated team while maintaining the highest legal, professional, and ethical standards and to advocate for significant reforms in the United States' immigration laws to make the system a truly just one.

About Henry

Henry Hollithron is the sole practicing attorney at Hollithron Advocates. A first-generation American, he has personally experienced the benefits of the United States’ immigration laws. His parents immigrated from a country that was not as developed and secure as the United States, so he has some understanding of what those who do not live in a safe and prosperous country like this one have lived through.

Moreover, because Henry’s mother was an interpreter in the immigration courts for twenty years, he has seen legal representation at its best and… when it falls below this standard.

Born and raised in Colorado, Henry graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in History and Russian studies (with departmental honors) from Vassar College. He immediately applied to and was accepted at the University of Denver’s Sturm College of Law, where he graduated with a Juris Doctor after two and a half years of intensive study and practical experience.

Upon graduating, he almost immediately founded Hollithron Advocates and has been serving noncitizens ever since.

Henry speaks Spanish, French, and Russian, and has an abiding passion for foreign languages and cultures.

He still enjoys learning about history, reading science fiction and fantasy books, and listening to music (mostly choral or classic/progressive rock).